Speciality: Lover of vegan, gluten free no processed food

Michael born in 79 matured in Switzerland was a successful entrepreneur and consultant. Founded more than 12 companies in Switzerland and managed over 100 employees in the sector, events, start-up consulting, real estate construction, marketing, design and health center) ended up in Spain with his van in 2018 after a burnout phase with 3 hospital stays and became Jonathan’s neighbor and is still recovering 😉 


Speciality: languages, organizer, entertainer

Jonathan born in 84 grew up in Spain and Belgium. He can say good morning in 7 languages and he speaks them too. His inner spirit makes him a tireless traveler. In his backpack are all the experiences he has had as an adventurer which can be counted in the hundreds. He graduated from the School of Life with a Masters in Public Relations and Communications.

Eco Parking

For vans, caravans, buses, cars, tents of all sizes and types:

Prices from:

Services Available:

Tiny House

2 bedroom artist apartment




Prices depend on the number of participants

Assistance & Translation

Spanish / German / English / Dutch / French
20 € per hour

Car rental

Plus fuel consumed


Prices from 3.90 € to 20 €


Diseminado Rincon, 11, 03150 Dolores, Alicante

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